Austria’s most pleasant
portable composting toilet

CleanEasy on the noseEcological
Pee with ease and peace of mind in an öKlo.

Austria’s most
pleasant portable
composting toilet

Clean Easy on the nose Ecological

You have more inside you than you think


Faeces can be recycled in several ways – we are researching and trying to prove this!


We are dedicated to creating a modern circular economy for human waste!


öKlo makes use of the forces of nature in a specially developed separation system. Clean and clever.

Dry litter

öKlo uses dry wood shavings, a waste product, instead of water or even chemicals.


öKlo supports the conservation of drinking water – roughly 5 litres per person and sitting!

save resources
with öKlo

m3 water
approx. 44 olympic pools
tons of CO²e
approx. 21 earth circumnavigations by car
+ 0
231 MWh energy
approx. 77 wind turbines all year round

Top 3 advantages
with ÖKlo

No flushing water

Designed as a composting toilet, our öKlos do not need water and therefore also no water mains are required.

No chemicals

How do öKlos manage to combat odours without chemicals? Our secret ingredient: Sawdust! A natural substance that binds odours and is also easy to use.

Not much plastic

Where possible, öKlo uses natural materials and pays attention to the sustainability of all products.

This is how we work at öKlo


öKlo works with the nature of the forest.

öKlo uses wood as a natural product with all its harmonizing properties. The wood is produced in Austria, stored and felled especially for öKlo. It unites us through the harmony of the forest. Odourless and service-oriented, committed to human well-being.


öKlo works with the nature of human beings.

öKlo has a great deal of experience in dealing with human waste. Be it big business or small. When people feel unobserved, sometimes things happens. In keeping with the highest standards, ecological products are used to make everything clean again. The heart should simply feel happy.


öKlo works with the nature of time.

öKlo is easy to handle and simple to assemble. In the blink of any eye, you suddenly find öKlos in places where previously toilet paper would appear to be making its own way up the mountain. Close to the summit, always with a good view. Maintenance is recommended at a regional level!

öKlo in 60 seconds

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Ecologically sustainable


Why is öKlo Austria’s most pleasant portable composting toilet?

öKlo is easy on the nose! It has a unique feel-good factor thanks to a light and luxurious interior design, and disinfection – all completely free of chemicals and water!

It ensures that wow-effect – no matter whether it is at your event, on your construction site or in your playground.


What is so special about öKlo?

The special thing about öKlo, apart from the fact that its products are both odourless and visually appealing, is that they have actually all been planned, developed and produced in Austria – with great care & love!


100% regional

The greatest part of the value chain happens in Austria. We are also fully aware of our social responsibility, which is particularly reflected in our staff policy.

Your order contributes to ensuring honest manual labour carried out by local young people. Furthermore, a large part of our economic output flows into domestic research institutes and regional partner companies.

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